ZK-Driven Bitcoin Settlement Network
Featuring A Restaking Protocol
Releasing $1T Bitcoin liquidity and interoperability for each chain and application.
Why Chakra
Modular Bitcoin Settlement Network
Modular Bitcoin Settlement Network
Shared settlement service for all Layer2 solutions
Chakra enables all Layer 2 solutions to concentrate on execution while bypassing intricate complexities and challenges involved in constructing BTC settlement infrastructure.
Aggregated Liquidity and 
 Interoperability Layer
Aggregated Liquidity and Interoperability Layer
Omnichain Bitcoin liquidity for BTC, ETH ecosystem, etc
Through Chakra's aggregated financial layer, BTC derivative assets can move freely among major public blockchains, providing liquidity for DeFi protocols.
Secure Bitcoin Staking
Secure Bitcoin Staking
You never lose control of your staked Bitcoin
Chakra offers various staking methods including Babylon self-custody and Cobo MPC custody, ensuring that users always maintain control over their staked assets.
ZK-Driven Staking Proofs
ZK-Driven Staking Proofs
Don't trust, verify.
Staking events are proven through zero-knowledge proofs, which can be verified through on-chain ZK light client.
Restaking Services
Restaking Services
Earn multiple yields with your Bitcoin.
Users can stake their BTC in Babylon to share PoS validating rewards, and also utilize LRT stBTC to generate DeFi profits.
Built on
Blockchain maintained by stakers
Staking proofs can be verified on any PoS blockchains to allow stakers to participate in their consensus and governance, including Bitcoin L2s.
Derivatives issued to stakers
Staking proofs can be utilized to create derivatives of Bitcoin assets, enabling their interactions with DeFi applications.
© 2024 Chakra. All rights reserved.
© 2024 Chakra. All rights reserved.